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Jquery $(document).ready( function() is not working in Drupal 7

Jquery document.ready function is bit different than in Drupal 6.

In Drupal 6, we simple add the document.ready function and it works like:

$(document).ready(function() {


But in Drupal 7, there are some change in the API, to make document.ready working in Drupal 7 and function before the document.ready as:

(function ($) {

$(document).ready(function() {



Jquery Flot graph not showing up when using decimal points

If there is a case that your jquery flot graph is only displaying if you dont have decimal points than you might need to add tickformatter to solve the issue.

In your Y-axis option add the tickformatter option as shown below:

Get rid of decimal points in Jquery

You can use the math round function in jquery to remove the decimal points in jquery.

For example:

// will return 66
// will return 65

To get one decimal point number in jquery

Again we can use the math round jquery function to get one decimal point number. For example:

Bounce effect in Jquery when hover the image or menus

A short tutorial on how to create a bounce effect in jquery when you hover the menu items or when you hover over any element. You need to have jquery and jquery ui library to make this effect working. You can include the jquery files from the google as it save the page load speed.

Inclide the below two lines in your header file if you have not added.


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