Web Media Hutch

I am a freelance web developer based in London, who develop new websites or fix the old websites in Drupal or Ubercart. I have develop sites for all kinds of clients, from individuals and small companies, to bigger social networking and other E-commerce projects. I am passionate about raising the standard of coding and using the new technology. I have worked on lots of Drupal and Ubercart porjects, not only the frontend but I also take care of the backend user functionality for the admin to manage there websites easily. I have a experience in both front-end and server-side development and I have developed sites using Drupal 5, 6 & 7, and wordpress blog sites. I have worked as a technical lead on many projects, coordinating a team of Drupal developers. In case of the large projects I follow the Agile techonolgy to complete the project. I provide Drupal backend management training as well after completing the project.

I offer web design and development. In case of large projects I have Drupal developers who work for me, but only I intract with clients as it makes easy for clients to contacting one person than catching up with number of people. For Drupal web development I charge quite cheap rates as compare to the other digital agency in london, the payment is done in phases after the client is satisfied from the work after every phase.

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If you have problems with the website based on Drupal or WordPress, please feel free to contact us: